Social Responsibility of Entrepreneurs towards Society & Local Community

The business or entrepreneur is a part of society. Business is performed in the society, for the society, with resources of the society. The society also provides the opportunity for development and expansion of the business.

social responsibility of entrepreneurs towards society & local community
social responsibility of entrepreneurs towards society & local community

Hence, the business has specific responsibilities for the local community and place, where the business is performed.

Every enterprise, are either in private or the public sector should make efforts to improve the conditions of the public of the surrounding areas, should arrange employment for unemployed and should help the needy person.

Responsibility of Entrepreneur Towards Local Community

In short, the following are the responsibilities of the entrepreneur towards the local community:

1. Encouragement to Healthy Competition

The entrepreneur should encourage healthy competition among the local community and make good quality commodities available to the public at fair prices.

2. To Save Local Environment from Pollution

Risks of pollution of the environment at the factories sites, due to the smoke of the coal, polluted water and manufacturing process cannot be ruled out.

So, the responsibility of the entrepreneur is that the factory may be established at a fair distance from the residential areas may shift the factories to distant places from the residential areas.

Besides, arrangements may also be made to reduce the menace of polluted water and smoke, etc.

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3. To Help in Activities of Public Utility

The entrepreneur should cooperate in providing facilities for the public utility to the local community, Like, Education, entertainment, medical, housing, and Libraries, etc.

For that may provide help in the establishment of new schools, parks, hospitals and rest houses, etc.

4. To Provide Employment to Local Community

The entrepreneur should provide more and more employment to the local people of the place, Where he is establishing his business unit or is performing the business activities.

He should invest capital in such business which may provide employment to a large number of people.

The business has also the responsibility of providing employment to the members of the community.

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5. To Improve Standards of Living

The entrepreneur should make all possible efforts to improve the standard of living of the public.

For that, scholarships may be granted to the children of the employees and other students, employment facilities, suiting disabled persons and orphans may be provided for.

Besides, encouragement may be provided for various socially useful programs of the country, like, family welfare and small savings, etc.

6. To Promote Public Relations

The entrepreneur should provide information to the public about the policies and activities of his business or business organization and should try to understand the feelings of the common man.

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Responsibility of Entrepreneur Towards World Society

Today the whole world is developing is one society. Means of communication and transportation have substantively developed and distance factor is not very significant.

The superpowers have even started the project of the formation of shape human society.

social responsibility of entrepreneurs towards general public
social responsibility of entrepreneurs towards the general public

The impact of business changes on international society is gradually becoming visible.

In short, the responsibilities of an entrepreneur towards world society are as follows:

1. To Follow the Rules of International Trade

This is the responsibility of entrepreneurs that during trade with other countries, he should follow the trade-related rules of those countries.

The entrepreneur should not Resort to undesirable activities, like smuggling, etc.

2. To Avoid Unfair Competition in International Market

The entrepreneur should not indulge in unfair competition in the markets of other countries.

Besides, he should not undertake activities that have adverse effects on the businessman of those countries.

3. Honest Business Dealings

While dealing with foreign countries, full honestly should be too.

Standardized commodities at fair prices alone should be supplied to foreign customers.

Timely payments for purchases from foreign countries should be ensured.

All types of cheating should be avoided, or else I reduce the prestige of the country also.

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4. To Help Economic Development of Underdevelopment Country

The entrepreneur established new industries in the undeveloped country because such a step helps in economic development in an undeveloped country.

5. To Contribute towards International Peace

Trade or exchange of commodities between the two countries lead to mutual cooperation between these countries and mutual differences get reduced.

In such circumstances, the responsibility of the entrepreneur is that they increase their dealings with the businessmen of various countries, so that world peace may flourish.

Now, You all know the social responsibility of entrepreneurs towards society & the local community.

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