7 Importance of Advertising to Salesman and Middleman

Middlemen and salesman are essential links in the chain of distribution. They act between the producers and the consumers. Their existence is justified by the services they render to various groups.

benefits of advertising to salesman and middleman

The salesforce of a firm tries to sell goods directly and personally. It can be noted that salespeople focus their efforts on prospective customers, thus minimizing wasted effort.

Salespeople’s goal is to actually make a sale. Advertising moves a prospect closer to a sale.

It attracts attention, provides information, arouses desire and motivates customers to reach the salesmen and to ask for the product.

Advertising helps in stimulating buying action by sending prospects to salesmen.

Importance of Advertising to Salesman and Middleman

Advertising also bestows some benefits for the middleman and salesman. These are as follows:

1. Guarantees Quick Sales

Advertising quickens the pace of sales by bringing products to the knowledge of the consumer.

Fast sales result in reduced capital lock-up. Lesser risks and losses in holding stock over a longer period, and increased profits.

Thus, middlemen are motivated to keep such advertised products with them.

They make approaches to producers for getting agency or distribution rights with regard to well-advertised products. Retailers hold the stock of such products due to their quick sales.

Middlemen get a quick turnover.

Thus, advertising gives middlemen a good opportunity to earn more.

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2. Acts as a Salesman

Advertising is a very potent and effective salesman of middlemen.

In fact, what traveling salesmen do for his firm is done by the advertising at the least cost.

Due to this reason, middlemen do not employ a large force of traveling salesmen.

Rather, middlemen spend on advertising which brings consumers to the selling point or wholesalers.

Thus, middlemen are saved from the various problems of hiring, training, remunerating and controlling the traveling salesman.

Because advertising creates a good image of the products and the firm, goods are sold in advance. This saves middlemen’s time and effort.

3. Price Maintenance

Customers always remain interested in getting quality products at stable pieces over a longer time.

If the prices constantly change, the budgets of consumers are distributed.

Advertising maintains retailing prices at a stable line. In the advertisement, prices are published which re likely to be in force at least for three to six months.

Advertising also discourages price higgling and bargaining with retailers.

Thus, fast and more selling may result due to advertising, which benefits middlemen.

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4. Drives the Consumers

While marketing drives products towards the consumer, advertising helps to drive the consumer towards the salesmen at the point of sales.

benefits of advertising to salesman
benefits of advertising to salesman

Unless this happens, there can be no hope of making a profit from the product or achieving success for the business.

Advertising prepares the way for salesmen.

5. Creates a Colourful Environment

Advertising creates an inducing and colorful environment in which an active and tactful salesman can easily motivate the customer to take buying action.

The extent of his success heavily depends on the inducement provided by the advertising.

Personal selling alone is like a song without music.

Advertising creates a perspective, fascinating and spellbound environment in which it becomes very easy for a salesman to get a buying order from the customer.

6. Lightens the Selling Job

Selling a job is highly complex and difficult if performed alone.

In the absence of advertising, the salesman is forced to play a double role.

Advertising provokes buying interest, holds interest, arouses desire, meets objections, wins the confidence and promotes conviction.

With such a task already performed by advertising, it becomes easy for salesmen to persuade the customer to and its benefits, can meet the objections raised by customers and may close the sale.

Thus, advertising lightens the burden of selling jobs.

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7. Instills Self Confidence and Initiative

Advertising acts as a creative force. It educates the sales force. It instills self-confidence and initiative in them.

With the information’s given by advertising the salesmen can act with full confidence and drive.

He will act in a determined, daring and aggressive way.

He will deal with customers in an effective style because advertising facilitates a salesman’s job.

Thus, now know the importance of advertising to salesman and middleman.


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