25 Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Training (Explained)

Good employees are not born but made by properly organized and directed employee training programs. A newly appointed employee is neither aware of the work or products not knows the techniques of attracting and presenting the product before the prospective customer.

advantages and disadvantages of employee training
Advantages and disadvantages of employee training

The employee training program is an organized activity involving fact-finding, planning, coaching, practice, criticism, and accommodation in a purposive attempt to develop employees’ skills, and to add these skills, selected native ability, and casually acquired knowledge and experience.

The employee training programs make the employee aware of all these.

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Advantages or Benefits of Employee Training

Following are the important advantages or benefits or importance of employee training:

  1. A Significantly designed training program results in increased sales.
  2. Trained employees can see opportunities in the market or company which has been previously overlooked.
  3. The employee is necessary not only to those who are dealing in specialty goods but also to others. An employee, even though he be a born employee, requires to be trained in connection with the policy and views of the Enterprise.
  4. Employee training motivates employees to remain in the Enterprises. He sees better promotion chances and better remuneration in the near future.
  5. With an increase in sales, the cost of selling per unit is reduced considerably.
  6. Training enables the employee to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ problems and, as such, can help in solving such problems more efficiently and quickly.
  7. Trained employees know his job quite well and therefore, need less supervision and control resulting in a smaller supervision cost.
  8. A trained employee acquires a deeper insight into customers’ needs and wants.
  9. Properly trained employees are in a better position to face the keen competition that may exist in the business.
  10. Credit losses are considerably reduced in cash of trained employees.
  11. Employee training helps to lessen the time that a newly selected person takes in picking up his job.
  12. Employee training relieves the Enterprises from the inefficient employee who may be a burden on the enterprise.
  13. Training help the employee in building congenial relations with customers. A trained employee is in a position to secure a high degree of understanding and cooperation with customers.
  14. The increased volume of business resulting from training is not only advantageous to the enterprise but is also in the interest of the employee who may expect better remuneration, promotion, salary, etc.

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Disadvantages or Limitations of Employee Training

training and development of employees
training and development of employees

Following are the disadvantages or limitations of employee training:

  1. Some of the experts are of the opinion that “employees are found in made.” just as a poet or a good dancer is born and not made, similarly a good employee is born. He is gifted with the natural qualities of an employee and hence training is uncalled for.
  2. Taking into consideration the indefinite results secured, the cost of training is too high. Particularly small Enterprises cannot dare establish their own training center.
  3. Tempting offers are made by competitors to trained and goods employees. As such, it becomes difficult to retain such employees. As such the expenditure incurred on the training of an employee proves a waste.
  4. Training is a means and not an end. It is not essential that a trained employee may come up to the level as required.
  5. Even admitted that training is necessary, the process of training is too slow. The employee might become impatient and hence it is likely that he may leave the job even before completing the training.
  6. Employment is a matter of personality and cannot be acquired through training.
  7. Every employee has his own way of doing work, and that to impose a system of training upon him, will simply spoil his successful methods without eradicating is faults.
  8. If a person desires to learn swimming, the best way is to get into the water and swim and he will learn swimming himself. Similar is the case with the training of an employee. All the theoretical knowledge imparted to an employee is of no use if not accompanied by practical training. Top 12 Benefits of International Expansion of Business.
  9. Different types of employees are required for different types of jobs. However, it is not possible to provide all types of training under one roof.
  10. Some hiring managers do not consider training to an employee desirable as they do not have either sufficient time or requisite skill and talent to provide training to employees. They feel that is it will adversely affect their duties.

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The employee training program is the intentional and sound application of ordinary human sense to the problem of helping the employees to make the most of its talents.

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