16 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Advertising

One reason why online advertising is growing in popularity is that it offers distinct advantages over other media alternatives. Most notably, advertisers can customize their message over the internet.

advantages and disadvantages of online advertising
advantages and disadvantages of online advertising

Online advertising has emerged as a legitimate option for marketers.

Advertising on the web is highly concentrated among very few marketers. The big spenders on the web are online companies themselves.

Advantages of Internet or Online Advertising

There are several unique advantages to online advertising over traditional advertising forms:

1. Easy to Select Target Market

Online advertising offers marketers a new and precise way to target market segments.

Here, target segments are precisely defined and marketers can focus on specific online areas.

2. Tracking

Online advertising allows marketers to track how users interact with their brands and to learn what interests current and potential customers.

Banners ads and websites also provide the opportunity to measure the response to an ad.

What is the most common form of online advertising?

3. Quick Delivery

Online advertising is delivered twenty-four hours a day seven days a week (24x 7x 365 Days) for the convenience of the receiver.

4. Easy to Update

An online ad campaign can be tracked daily and be updated, changed, or replaced almost immediately.

5. Specific Language

One benefit of online advertising lies in its ability to target and communicate in a very specific language to an audience.

6. Both Elements

Advertising on the internet has elements of both broadcast and print media.

7. Affordable Cost

The cost of creating a website, a set of ads, and a database is affordable for virtually every marketer.

The cost of producing a web ad is relatively low.

This includes both banner ads and web sites.

8. Good Sales Leads

For the business to the business advertiser, the online advertising process can provide excellent sales leads or actual sales.

9. Interactivity

It is easy to engage a prospective customer with the brand and the firm.

A consumer can go to a company website (or click through from a banner ad) and take a tour of the brand’s features and values..

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10. Easy Integration

Web advertising is easily integrated with other forms of promotion.

pros and cons of online advertising
pros and cons of online advertising

Web banners ads can highlight themes and images from television or print campaigns.

11. Easy Categories

Ads appearing on a particular page are for a product that would appeal to that age group.

12. Comprehensive Profiles

Advertisers may combine databases to develop fairly comprehensive profiles.

An advertiser might tailor a message to people if it knew their travel behavior, media preferences, and credit card usage.

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Disadvantages of Online advertising

Following are some limitations of online advertising

  1. Online advertising is still in its infancy.
  2. There is the inability of strategic and creative experts who can produce effective ads.
  3. It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of an online ad.
  4. There is also a problem with much clutter on the internet. Multiple ads appear on the same screen just to confuse the customers.

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