18 Aims and Objectives of Advertising (Explained)

The aims and objectives of advertising are nothing but to sell something, a product, service or an idea. The real objective of advertising is effective communication between Producers and Consumers.

Aims and Objectives of Advertising
Aims and Objectives of Advertising

In other words, the ultimate objective underlying all advertising is ‘increased awareness’.

The purpose of advertising is to sell goods, services or ideas to a larger group of prospective purchasers.

Advertising aims at committing the procedure, educating the consumers, supplementing the salesman, connecting the dealer to eliminate the competitor but above all, it is a link between the producer and consumer.

Aims and Objectives of Advertising

In short, the following are the main aims and objectives of advertising:

1. Preparation of Ground for Sale of New Product

When a new product is to be introduced in the market, advertising is necessary.

The potential consumers can be informed only by means of advertisement.

In this way, the advertisement may be used for preparing a ground for the sale of a new product.

The mass media like television, cinema halls, are used for this purpose.

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2. Creation of Demand

Another main objective of the advertisement is to create demand for a product or service.

Advertising creates a favorable atmosphere for maintaining or improving sales. Customers are regularly reminded about the product, brand, etc.

The prospective customers may be induced to buy a product by informing them about the comparative quality, price and other attributes of that product.

The object is to change the habit of the consumer, to shift from a rival product.

3. Educate the Consumers and Users

Another objective of the advertising is to educate the consumers and the users about the uses and utility of the product.

Unless information reaches the consumers and the users, they cannot decide and make a good choice.

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4. Building up Brand Image and Brand Loyalty

Another objective is to build up brand image and brand loyalty and to make it strong enough not to change a particular brand.

This object can be achieved through constant and repeated advertisements about the brand.

For instance, today and everybody know about Puma Shoes, Philips Trimmers, etc. How to Choose Right Advertising Media Decision (15 Key Factors).


5. To Sell Direct

Sometimes advertising intends to sell direct-to-consumer so that maintenance cost could be reduced.

Advertisers can give their address to where the customers can approach and purchase the products at a reasonable price.

6. Facing the Competition

Another objective of advertising is to face the existing competition.

The producer informs the consumer about the price, quality, and availability of the product. Sometimes, group advertisements are done which eliminate the competition almost completely.

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7. Information about the Changes to the Consumers and Users

Another objective of advertising is to inform the consumers and users about the changes are as to the quality, packing, design, size, brand, price, weight packing, etc.

8. Forcing Middleman to Handle the Products

The object of advertising is to force the middleman to handle a particular product or products only.

objectives of advertising in marketing
objectives of advertising in marketing

It is possible when the consumers’ man and the users approach the middleman for purchasing a product through the influence of advertisement of that product. 11 Limitations or Disadvantages of Branding (Explained).

9. Neutralizing Competitor’s Advertising

Another objective of advertising is to neutralize competitors advertising as its promotional strategy.

It is essential to follow similar practices to neutralize their effects.

10. To Persuade

In today’s competitive environment, it is essential to persuade prospective buyers by establishing the superiority of one brand over the others.

Efforts in this direction include the source of credibility or influence such as celebrate to persuade the people to buy.

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11. Enhancing Goodwill of the Firm

The objective of advertising is also to enhance the goodwill and reputation of the firm in the minds of middleman, consumers, and users.

In this context, constant and repeated advertisements are of great importance.

12. Performing Selling Job

The object of advertising is also to perform the selling function. e.g. mail order business where the selling function is performed by advertisement.

13. Acquaint Buyers with New Uses

The objective of advertising is also acquainting buyers and users with the new uses of a product.

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14. Assistant Salesman Efforts

The objective of advertising is also to assist the salesman’s efforts in increasing the sales of a product.

Since the advertisement educates the customers about the product, the function of the salesman remains simply to sell the product.

15. Reduction in Production and Distribution Costs

The objective of advertising is also to assist a producer in reducing production and distribution costs.

Advertising helps in increasing sales and also in informing prospective customers about the product.

This causes large scale production resulting in an overall reduction in the cost of production and distribution.

16. Maintenance of Demand

The objective of advertising is not only the increasing demand but also to maintain the demand for existing products or product.

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17. Rationalization for Buying

The Objectives of advertising is also to provide a rationalization for buying to the buyers so as to make the right selection of the product needed by them.

18. To Expand the Market

Those organizations that want to expand the market can advertise to stimulate new buyers from untapped markets.

Thus, now know the Aims and Objectives of Advertising.

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