20 Benefits and Limitations of Newspaper Advertising

The newspaper has a powerful selling force. It is the backbone of the advertising campaign. A newspaper contains news, opinions, service information, entertainment messages, and publicity materials.

benefits and limitations of newspaper advertising
benefits and limitations of newspaper advertising

Advertising is one of the best-read features of a newspaper.

One survey discloses that people read advertisements with great interest after looking at general and games news, 60% of the newspaper coverage goes to advertising.

Newspapers are daily published. Some are divided into morning or evening editions.

They are published in various languages.

Types of Newspaper Advertising

As a medium of advertising the daily newspapers contain two types of advertisements:

1. Classified Advertisement

For the classified advertisement, certain pages matrimonials, employment, tender, sale and purchase, vacancies, etc.

The message advertised under these headings is known as a classified advertisement.

These are read by those who have an interest in them.

2. Display Advertisement

For this advertisement, no specific column is specified.

They are placed at any part of the newspaper according to the discretion of the advertiser.

Different colors, pictures, and designs are used to make such advertisements more attractive to the readers.

These may be of different sizes containing more information regarding the quality of the product and the place where it is available.

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Advantages of Newspaper Advertising

Following are benefits of newspaper advertising:

press media advertising
press media advertising
  1. The newspaper has wide circulation. It exists everywhere in the country. This advertisement reaches a very large number of persons.
  2. It has a low cost from magazine advertising. The newspaper reaches the public at a lower cost to the advertiser per reader. It is due to wide circulation.
  3. The advertisement copy can be prepared immediately. It takes not much time. It is printed and circulated daily. The copies are presented before the readers within a few hours.
  4. Message can be drafted, changed and inserted in newspapers with flexibility. Current events can be easily capitalized. The pictures and messages can be changed conveniently.
  5. Newspapers are suitable for any type of advertisement.
  6. The advertisement has geographical selectivity.
  7. This provides intensive coverage of the cities and surrounding areas.
  8. It reaches all economic classes.
  9. It awaits the convenience of the reader to read.
  10. It can emphasize the local news appeal.
  11. It has appeal to the entire family.
  12. Its results can be tested quickly.
  13. It has the best choice in the market.
  14. It gives the advertiser an opportunity to repeat his message at a short interval.

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Disadvantages of Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertisements suffer from some limitations. Some important demerits are as follows:

  1. The life of a newspaper advertisement is relatively shorter.
  2. It mostly appears in black and white on course paper without color. It has less attractive value.
  3. Each newspaper is restricted to a certain group of readers.
  4. It is read hurriedly. Hence, the impact of the advertisement may be relatively brief.
  5. Many people read news items and just overlook the advertisements appearing in the newspaper.
  6. In a country like India, where a major portion of the people is still illiterate, newspaper advertising has no value.

Thus, now you know the advantages and disadvantages of newspaper advertising.


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