8 Benefits and Limitations of Novelties Advertising

Novelties advertising is also known as specialty advertising. It includes useful gifts and items containing promotional messages such as names, trademarks, slogans, or statements of the producer.

benefits and limitations of novelties advertising
benefits and limitations of novelties advertising

The main idea behind this advertising is to win the heart of the customers and build goodwill and prestige for the company.

There are various books, calendrers, pens, ashtrays, openers, pen stands, key chains, t-shirts, coffee mug, dairies, cigarette-lighters, rainhats, knives, etc. are given to customers with selling message printed on these items.

Benefits of Novelties Advertising

Following are the advantages of novelties advertising:

  1. It builds goodwill for the company.
  2. It attracts the attention of the customers repetitively.
  3. It is readily identifiable with specific advertisers since it usually carries their names and selling message.
  4. Since the intent is to obligate the buyers, they will buy.
  5. It is a direct medium under the control of advertisers who presented their customers.

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Limitations of Novelties Advertising

Following are the disadvantages of novelties advertising:

speciality advertising examples
specialty advertising examples
  1. There is limited space for selling messages.
  2. It is a high cost per contact medium.
  3. It cannot be used to reach mass customers.

Dealer Advertising

This is also known as the point of purchase advertising, point of sale materials, dealer helps.

These dealer aids are meant for helping the dealers tp attract the attention of customers.

Regardless of how effective an advertising message, there is a need to remind the customer while he is shopping.

It is said that “Goods which sell are goods which are displayed, and the function of advertising is to maintain the impetus of this cycle of action.” Dealer aids perform this important function of advertising.

Examples of dealer aids are hanging cards, display boxes, racks, window banners, wall posters, electric signs, rubber mats, ashtrays, permanent display cases, calendars, etc.

These aids speak to consumers who are actually making buying decisions in the market place.

The trend of self-service and elf selection at the retail stores has made this medium increasingly important. It stimulates impulse buying.

It helps in the effective display. It reminds the consumers at the point of purchase. It is a part of the entire advertising program.

Thus, now you know the advantages and disadvantages of novelties advertising.


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