11 Essential Characteristics of Successful Career Planning

Career planning is identifying and matching the needs of individuals and organizations. It is not an event or end of itself. It is a continuous process of developing human resources to achiving optimum results.

essential characteristics of successful career planning
essential characteristics of successful career planning

It helps individuals to develop skills required to fulfill different career roles, within or outside an organization.

Career planning assists in finding those employees who could be groomed for higher-level positions, on the strength of their performance.

Characteristics of Successful Career Planning

Effective career planning can be ensured through the following measures:

1. Support for Top Management

Full support and cooperation are essential for effective career planning.

Top management must develop enthusiasm among executives for this purpose.

2. Clear Goals

The firm must determine its goals for the next five to ten years so that it can decide about the changes required in its activities, technology, materials, and procedures.

This will help develop the HRD system which is required for career planning.

3. Motivated Personnel

An organization can provide complete resources required for the development.

But it is the willingness and motivation of employees to make use of available opportunities and resource that makes career planning effective.

If the employees are not satisfied with the present facilities, they will not take interest in career planning.

4. Selection of Right People

The selection of the right for the right jobs is essential for career planning.

In addition to their talents and abilities, people should also have enough potential and urge to develop themselves and grow in their careers.

5. Proper Age Balance

Maintenance of proper age balance in career planning is necessary to avoid rapid promotions and promotion blocks caused by an age structure.

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6. Harmony

Effective career planning requires harmony between the growing needs of the organization and the aspirations of individuals employees.

7. Growing Business

Career planning is feasible in constantly growing organizations.

effective career planning
effective career planning

Only in expanded business and dynamic enterprises can exist ample opportunities for vertical mobility.

8. Equitable Policy

There should be a just, open, and fair promotion policy.

In addition, there should be ample facilities for training and for learning higher skills.

9. Career Counseling

Stress at work is harmful. It may take arise due to blockage of career or lack of control over one’s career.

It may hamper career planning.

Thus, career stress management programs and career counseling can be helpful in carer decisions.

10. Wide Publicity

A career plan should be given proper and wide publicity within the firm.

Employees should be informed about the career paths, training and development facilities, and other HRD facilities.

11. Continuity

Career planning is a long-term process, hence it should be carried out on a continuing basis.

As a constant process, it can take care of the changing needs of both the individuals and the organizations.

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