6 Strategies for Motivating Employees and Increasing Productivity

It is necessary that the employees must be properly motivated to get things done by them. Management is the art of getting things done by and through others. An organization is established to achieve some pre-determined objectives.

These objectives can be achieved only if the employees of the enterprise contribute their wholehearted efforts.

ways to motivate employees and increase productivity
ways to motivate employees and increase productivity

Employee motivation is the process of encouraging and stimulating an individual to action. It has been derived from the ‘Motive’.

A motive is an inner state that activates, energizes, or moves an ‘individual and channelizes his behavior toward goals.

Thus, It reflects an impulse, drive, or urges to move in a specific direction to reduce a need.

Need of Employee Motivation

Employees of the enterprise/organization may have the physical and mental ability to do the work.

They may be capable enough in doing the works of the enterprise but at the same time, it is not necessary that they use their efficiency and ability.

The Performance of activities in the best manner is possible only when the employees of the enterprise have the ability to work and they will work. Will to work can be developed only through motivation.

Thus, it is necessary that the employees must be properly motivated to get things done by them.

It has been experienced that if they are properly motivated they use 90% to 100% of their ability and efficiency and they make their best efforts to achieve the organizational objective.

It may be concluded that motivation is a basic need of an enterprise and the success of an enterprise largely depend upon motivation.

Also, there are many factors that affect employee motivation in business.

What is the Way to Increase Employee Productivity and Motivate Staff?

It has been made clear that it is necessary to motivate the employees of an enterprise to get the maximum production of the best quality at the minimum cost.

There is no definite method of providing motivation to the employees, applicable to all enterprises at all times.

There are many creative ways to motivate employees.

Which is the best method depends upon the nature of the enterprise, the goals of the enterprise, the physiology of the employees, the atmosphere of the enterprise, and prevailing social conditions. 

The proper method of motivation must be applied to a proper method of motivation is not applied.

It may have a negative effect on the efficiency of employees’ methods of motivation must be decided after careful and deep thought.

Following are some unique ways to motivate employees and increase productivity:

1. Positive Motivation

Positive motivation is the motivation that motivates the employees to do their best and to produce more and better quality by providing them or wages and salaries and bonuses.

2. Negative Motivation

Negative motivation is the incentive that compels the employees of the enterprise to do more work because of the fear of punishment or penalty.

These motivations include the termination of services, suspense, and punishment penalty. Negative motivation is not a popular incentive these days.


Positive motivation is more successful than negative motivation. Positive methods of motivating employees in an organization get the full cooperation of the employees of the enterprise.

The employees realize their existence in the enterprise and they were with greater efficiency.

In fact, nothing in the form of a negative approach motivates. It is a positive method only that works. 

Negative motivation is always compulsion with the approach to punishing.

This may create fear but cannot works the motivation the worker.

Hence, only positive motivation is advisable.

3. Individual Motivation

Individual employee motivation means the incentives which are offered to any individual. 

These motivations are offered to those employees who contribute their special effort and who cause extra benefit from their efforts to the enterprise.

These motivations may be monetary as well as non-monetary.

A manager should consider some learning-oriented guidelines for an employee training program.

4. Collective Motivation

Collective motivation is the motivation that is offered collectively by a group of workers. 

These motivations are offered indirectly to the group. The aim of this is to motivate the whole group. 

These motivations may also be monetary incentives and non-monetary motivations.

5. Monetary Motivation

Monetary motivation is employee motivation in which the workers are motivated to work more by giving them monetary benefits.

The first need in the life of a person is security and pleasure. Which requires money. Everybody works to get money.

Therefore, Monetary motivation is the best motivation to motivate workers to work more.

A monetary motivation may be in the form of higher wages and Salaries, bonuses, Premium Rewards, etc.

6. Non-Monetary Motivation

Non-monetary motivations are the incentives that motivate workers to work more by giving them encouragement and reward.

The man does not work only to get money. He works for social respect, self-satisfaction, ego satisfaction, etc.

The satisfaction of all these is possible only through Non-monetary motivations.

Non-monetary motivations include:

Good working conditions, safety, and security of the job, appraisal of the work, the opportunity for promotion, the delegation of authority, participation in management, joint consultative welfare schemes, proper recognition of work, Housing facilities, Medical facilities, insurance facilities, education and training facilities, etc.

Non-monetary motivations are had equal importance in an organization to motivate the workers.

In Fact, The management should try to maintain a proper balance between monetary and non-monetary motivations and should provide a balanced package of motivations to its workers so there may contribute their best efforts and cooperate with the management in the accomplishment of organizational objectives.

Importance of Employee Motivation in an Organization

Motivation inspired the employees of an enterprise to do more and better work.

It develops feelings of cooperation among employees of the enterprise. 

ways to motivate employees and increase productivity
ways to motivate employees and increase productivity

An enterprise uses the best quality of raw materials, the latest machines, and technology but ignores the factor of workers and workers who are not properly motivated to work.

The enterprise can never achieve its objectives.

On the other hand, an Enterprise not using the raw materials and machines of that standards but motivates its workers to achieve predetermined objectives.

There are so many roles and responsibilities of a training manager toward employees.

Thus, for the proper exploitation of men, machines, materials, and money of the enterprise, it becomes necessary that the employees of the enterprise must be properly motivated.

It will increase their efficiency and will get loyalty to the enterprise.

Virtually every company will be going out and empowering their workers with a certain set of tools, and the big difference in how much value is received from that will be how much the company steps back and really thinks through their business processes, thinking through how their business can change, how their project management, their customer feedback, their planning cycles can be quite different than they ever were before.

It reduces the rate of labor turnover.

On the other hand, if the employees of the enterprise are not satisfied and do not work with their willingness, 

The situation of frustration arises in the enterprise and such an enterprise cannot be successful in achieving its objectives.

Thus, it may be concluded that for the success of an enterprise the employees of the enterprise must be duly motivated.

Modern Theories of Employee Motivation

A good deal of research has been conducted on human relations at work.

As a result of a good number of researchers in the field, a number of Management Scholars and thinkers have. Various theories of motivation have been developed.

The important Theories of Employee Motivation Among:

  1. Need Hierarchy Theory of Maslow.
  2. Two-factor Theory of Herzberg.
  3. McGregor Theory X and Theory Y.

Thus, Now you know ways to motivate employees and increase productivity

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