9 Important Steps of Employee Selection Process (Explained)

At the very first, the nature of employees, the number of employees, and the essential qualification and experience of the employee to be appointed are decided.

employee selection process
employee selection process

Employee Selection Process

Following the procedure or process is adopted for the selection of employee:

1. Advertisement or Requirement

The first stage of the process of selection of employees is to give an advertisement or requirement in a newspaper or a magazine for the purpose of selecting employees.

Such employee requirements may be classified or non classified. Such an advertisement must specify complete details regarding the number of vacancies; essential educational qualification, technical qualification, and experience; the scale of pay, service conditions, etc.

The message of advertisement or requirement must be prepared in the manner that it may attract the Talent only.

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2. To Collect Applications

Candidates fulfilling the requirements of the advertisement and to whom the conditions of the enterprise or company suit, send their applications to the enterprise or company.

“The candidates give full details regarding their name, the name of their father, mailing address, date of birth, age, marital status, education, experience, knowledge of the language, names, and addresses of some references, etc.”

Some companies or Enterprises get their application forms printed and the candidates are required to apply on these prescribed forms only.

Such enterprises make it clear in their advertisement and direct the candidates to get these forms from a particular office.

Some of the companies give a format of application in the advertisement message and the candidates are required to apply in this format only.

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3. Sorting of Application Forms

When all the application forms of the requirement are received in the company or enterprise, these forms are sorted out.

Incomplete application forms are rejected. Application not fulfilling the requirements of the enterprise are also rejected.

Accepted applications are arranged in order of merit according to the qualifications and experiences.

4. Selection Test

Candidates whose applications have been accepted are called for the selection test.

The test varies from company to company and post to post.

These tests are meant to test the ability and testes of the candidates.

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5. Interview

The candidates selected in the written test are called for interview.

The main object of the interview is to verify the information furnished by the candidates in their applications and to have a talk in person with the candidates so that their attributes, psychology, appearance tc., may be tested.

6. Reference Checking

Generally, the candidates are required to give the names and addresses of two or three respectable persons, known to them, from whom the company may enquire about the suitability of their candidates.

recruitment and selection process of employees
recruitment and selection process of employees

These references are consulted to enquire into such suitability of the candidates who qualify the stage of the interview also.

Information collected from such persons is kept secret.

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7. Medical Test

At the and, the successful candidates are called for the medical test so that the suitability of their health may be tested according to the needs and requirements of the company.

The candidates with fitness certificates are selected for the post of the employee. What is a pre-employment medical check-up?.

8. Final Selection

After completing the above process, a merit list is prepared for the successful candidates and the employees are finally selected.

All of these employees are issued selection letters.

Selection letters specify the terms and conditions of appointment scale of pay, allowances, total emoluments, place of working, etc.

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9. Work Introduction

When the candidates join the company, they are introduced by the senior officials of the company with their company, products of the company, their job, their duty, rights, and responsibilities.

Thus, now you know the all essential steps of the employee selection process.

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