21 Salient Features of Advertising (Marketer Should Know)

In marketing, the advertising is the set of all activities of individuals and organisations as they relate to the sending and the seeking/ receving of “economic” information via mass media. So, it has to be some key characteristics of a good advertisement.

features of advertising
features of advertising

Adversiting is designed favourably to dispose a person towards buying a product or supporting a cause.

Key Features of Advertising

There are various features or characteristics of advertising. These are as follows:

1. Mass Communication

Advertising is a form of mass communication.

It is addressed togeneral public.

It is any form of oublc announcmnt which is intended to attract public notice.

2. Commercial Usage

It has commercial usage. In this sense advertising means a paid announcement and is commonly a form of selling.

It is meant to increase sale. It help to increase profits. It induces people to buy.

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3. Non Personal Presentation

Advertising is a message which is not givn to a person face to face.

It does not receive the facial expressions of consumers, because the message is conveyed through many different kinds of mass media.

It is not personal interaction like selling. It is not a one on one discuss a product or service.

4. Paid Form

Advertising is a paid form of communication, allthough some forms of advertising, such as public service announcments, use donated space and time.

However, somebody has to pay for it.

5. Identified Sponsor

Not only is the message paid for, but the sponsor is identified.

Te identity of the advertiser, sponsor or manufacturer is disclosed in ad.

The advertising copy possesses the trade mark and brand name.

Brand name is the identity of the product or producer.

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6. Buying Persuasion

Most advertising tries to persuade or influence the consumer to do somthing, although in some cases the point of the message is simply to make consumers aware of the productt or company. It induces peple to buy.

Advetising is a business orce hich helps sale, builds reputation and fosters goodwill.

7. Large Audience

Advertising reaches a large audience of potential consumer.

It covers a group of huge customers.

8. Mass Media

Mass media play dual role in advertising, they provde a technological means of sending messages and take an active part in determing what messages are sent, by wheom, to wheom, and when.

Mass media have made advertising more economical for both senders and users.

The variety of media used in advertising is enormous:

  1. Print: From newspaprs and magazines to weekly shopping gides and fliers.
  2. Broadcast: From television stations (national and local, commercial and public) to an increasing varity of radio stations and,through technologcal developments, to new media that eventually may flur the current print bradcast distinction.
  3. Outdoor media: Posters, painted displays, and transit cards.
  4. Direct mail: With its ability to reach specific audiences.
  5. Graphic Signs.

The mass media of advertising are in a continues state of flux.

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9. Appeal

Appeal is the essence of advertising that attracts attentions or presents information to consumers.

10. Message Theme

Every advertising has a message them. It is an outline of key ideas.

It is thhe benefits or promise the advetiser wants to use to reach consumers or businesses.

11. Part of IMC

Advertising is one component of integrated marketing comunications. It is also a part of the promotion mix.

Advertising is only a part of a mass communication system, the part that deals with the exchange of economic information.

characteristics of advertising
characteristics of advertising

It is of the spokes in the wheel ofthe promotional effort.

12. Elements in Marketing Mix

Advertising is the most conspicuous element in the marketing mix.

13. Part of Selling Process

Advertising is part of the selling process.

Hence, it gives emphasis on what interests, motivates, influences and makes people docide to buy.

14. Image Producing

All too often advertising is equated with big busines.

Much modern adverting should more properly be called image producing.

It is designed to build a brand or corporate image.

15. Art and Science

Advertising has some of both. It is art mainly because it is a creativity. It devises creative ideas and styles.

It deals with peolple and its main products are artistic expressions of human creativeness.

But it also has a scientific nature. We have a science of advertising.

It is aided by scientific researchs and facts. It is measurable. But it is not exact science.

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16. Profession

Advertising has become a profitable business and oprofession.

It has ethical code of conduct. It is also used in non profit organisations.

It is an economic activity. It is a marketing tool.

17. What Advertising is not:

  • It is not a game where somebody wins or loses.
  • It is no a toy to play with feelings of consumers, rathers it helps to move the whell of investment production consumption.
  • It is not a deception or racket. Every advertiser knows this saying of buyers, “Fool me once, shame on you; foll me twice, shame on me.”
  • It is not publicity, advertising is paid for, publicty is prayed for.

18. Impersonal Nature

Advertising is imperrsonal in nature. It cannot be as compelling as a company salesman.

The audience does not feel obligated to pay attention or respond.

19. Monologue

Advertising is only a monoligue in front of , not a dialogue with the audience.

20. Amplified Expressiveness

Advertising has amplified expressiveness as it provieds opportunities for dramatizing the company and its products through the artful use of print, sound and colour.

21. Support Personal Selling

To support parsonal selling.

It prpares the way for salesmen by presenting the company’s name and merits of its products.


What are characteristics of advertising?

Advertising is a form of public announcement which is intended of attract public attention to sell something, goods, services, ideas etc.

Thus, now you know the important features of advertising in marketing.


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