29 Key Features of Virgin Galactic Space Tourism

In the realm of commercial space travel, Virgin Galactic has emerged as a pioneering force, pushing the boundaries of human exploration and providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences for adventurous individuals. Founded by Sir Richard Branson in 2004, Virgin Galactic seeks to make space tourism accessible to civilians, giving them the opportunity to experience the wonders of space and gaze upon Earth from the edge of our atmosphere.

features of virgin galactic space tourism
features of virgin galactic space tourism

Virgin Galactic’s space tourism program offers a transformative experience of space travel to the general public.

What are the Features of Virgin Galactic Space Tourism?

The main features of Virgin Galactic’s space tourism are as follows:

1. Suborbital Spaceflight

Virgin Galactic’s flagship feature is its suborbital spaceflight experience. Unlike traditional space missions that go into orbit around Earth, Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft, VSS Unity, follows a suborbital trajectory.

This means that it reaches the edge of space, also known as the Kármán line, which lies at an altitude of 100 kilometers (approximately 62 miles) above sea level.

Passengers onboard VSS Unity can enjoy a few minutes of weightlessness and witness the breathtaking view of our planet from space.

The experience is awe-inspiring and provides a profound sense of wonder and appreciation for Earth’s beauty.

2. Spacecraft – VSS Unity

Virgin Galactic’s space tourism venture relies on its remarkable spacecraft, VSS Unity. This innovative vehicle is designed to carry six passengers and two pilots on each flight.

VSS Unity incorporates cutting-edge technology and safety measures to ensure a secure and comfortable journey for its passengers.

It is a spaceplane, which means it takes off vertically like a rocket and lands horizontally like an airplane.

The hybrid propulsion system utilizes both rocket engines and a unique feathering system for reentry, making it a safe and efficient spacecraft.

3. Innovative Hybrid Rocket Motor

The VSS Unity’s rocket motor employs a hybrid propulsion system, combining solid rocket fuel with a liquid oxidizer.

This technology ensures a powerful and efficient ascent into space while minimizing environmental pollutants.

4. Reusable Launch System

Virgin Galactic’s commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness is showcased by the reusability of its spaceplane and rocket motor.

After each flight, the vehicle undergoes refurbishment and is ready for another journey to space.

5. Spaceport America

Virgin Galactic operates from Spaceport America in New Mexico, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport.

This state-of-the-art facility provides a unique and futuristic backdrop for the commencement of each spaceflight.

6. Custom-Designed Passenger Cabin

The VSS Unity’s passenger cabin is an engineering marvel, offering comfort, safety, and stunning panoramic views.

The cabin features six large windows, providing each passenger with an unparalleled space travel experience.

7. Window Seats for Everyone

To enhance the passenger experience, each seat on VSS Unity is equipped with large, specially designed windows.

These windows offer unparalleled views of the Earth and space, allowing passengers to gaze at the mesmerizing blue planet below and the vast expanse of the universe above.

The windows not only serve as portals to the cosmos but also act as a reminder of the fragility and beauty of Earth.

8. Zero-G Experience

One of the most thrilling aspects of Virgin Galactic’s space tourism is the opportunity to experience true weightlessness.

During the brief period of weightlessness at the peak of the flight, passengers can float freely in the cabin, simulating the feeling of being in microgravity.

9. Personalized Flight Training

Before embarking on their space adventure, Virgin Galactic’s passengers undergo thorough astronaut training.

The training program includes classroom sessions and practical simulations to familiarize participants with the spacecraft’s interior, safety protocols, and the sensation of weightlessness.

This comprehensive preparation enhances the overall experience and instills confidence in the passengers.

Though not as extensive as the training astronauts receive for orbital missions, this preparatory course ensures that passengers are well-prepared for their journey into space.

10. Astronaut Instructors

Virgin Galactic’s passengers are guided by experienced astronaut instructors throughout their training and flight, ensuring they receive expert guidance and support.

11. Exclusive Pre-Flight Events

Passengers enjoy a series of exclusive pre-flight events, including a tour of Spaceport America and a meeting with the Virgin Galactic team, making the entire experience unforgettable.

12. Capturing the Moment

To preserve the cherished memories of this once-in-a-lifetime journey, Virgin Galactic provides onboard cameras to capture passengers’ experiences.

The captured footage and images are made available to the passengers post-flight.

13. In-Flight Experience

During the ascent phase, passengers witness the awe-inspiring view of Earth’s curvature and the thin blue line of our atmosphere.

They can also marvel at the starry expanse of space above.

14. Skydiver Re-Entry

Following the spaceflight, the VSS Unity re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere like a skydiver, which is a unique and thrilling aspect of the journey.

15. Feathering System

Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft utilizes a feathering system, where its wings are pivoted, allowing for a stable re-entry and descent.

This ensures a controlled and safe landing.

16. Environmentally Friendly Fuels

Virgin Galactic acknowledges the environmental impact of spaceflight and is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint.

Efforts are made to optimize the spacecraft’s design, using advanced materials and fuel-efficient engines.

Additionally, the company actively explores sustainable propulsion technologies for the future, aiming to promote environmentally friendly space travel.

17. Future Orbital Flights

While currently focusing on suborbital spaceflights, Virgin Galactic has ambitious plans to offer orbital flights in the future, making them accessible to a broader audience.

18. Continuous Improvement

Virgin Galactic emphasizes continuous improvement in its technologies and processes, ensuring safer and more enjoyable spaceflights for future customers.

19. Futuristic Design

The sleek and futuristic design of Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft exudes sophistication.

characteristics of virgin galactic space tourism
characteristics of virgin galactic space tourism

Its aesthetic appeal not only symbolizes the aspirations of space travel but also showcases the marriage of form and function.

20. Environmentally Conscious Propulsion

Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft uses a hybrid rocket motor that runs on a combination of solid and liquid propellants.

This propulsion system is more environmentally friendly than traditional rockets, emitting fewer harmful emissions during flight.

21. Commitment to Safety

Safety is paramount in commercial space travel, and Virgin Galactic ensures rigorous safety protocols, making it one of the most reliable commercial space travel companies.

22. Inspiration to Future Generations

Virgin Galactic’s achievements inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts and pioneers, motivating them to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

23. Space Science Opportunities

Virgin Galactic offers payloads for scientific research, allowing researchers to conduct experiments in a unique microgravity environment.

24. Spaceflight Participant Community

Passengers become part of an exclusive community of space travelers, sharing their experiences and forming lasting connections with like-minded individuals.

25. Space Merchandise

Virgin Galactic provides a range of merchandise, allowing enthusiasts to commemorate their journey and show their support for the company’s endeavors.

26. Global Impact

Virgin Galactic’s vision of space tourism extends beyond borders, fostering international cooperation and collaboration in the field of space exploration.

27. Advancements in Space Technology

Virgin Galactic’s achievements drive technological advancements not only in space tourism but also in other industries, benefiting humanity as a whole.

28. Space Travel Accessibility

Virgin Galactic’s pursuit of commercial space travel aims to make the cosmos accessible to more individuals, democratizing space exploration.

29. Pioneering the Space Tourism Industry

Virgin Galactic’s space missions not only cater to tourists but also contribute to space science research. The spacecraft carries a variety of scientific instruments to conduct experiments in microgravity.

The ability to offer frequent suborbital flights enables researchers to access space more frequently and at a fraction of the cost of traditional space missions.

This synergy between space tourism and scientific research represents a groundbreaking approach to advancing our understanding of space.


Virgin Galactic’s space tourism represents a revolutionary leap in the realm of space exploration, promising to fulfill humanity’s longstanding dream of space travel for all.

By making the cosmos accessible to civilians, Virgin Galactic opens up a new era of discovery, inspiration, and scientific advancement.

With a strong commitment to safety, sustainability, and research, the company paves the way for a future where space tourism becomes an integral part of our collective human experience.

As more individuals venture beyond Earth’s atmosphere, the perspectives gained from these spaceflights have the potential to foster a deeper understanding of our place in the universe and ignite a newfound passion for the cosmos.

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