16 Increasing Impacts of Consumer Orientation in Advertising

The Impact of consumer orientation on advertising has been vigorous. The demand for more complete and reliable information is one of the main objectives of the consumer movement. The movement to augment the power of buyers versus that of sellers in the marketing system.

impacts of consumer orientation in advertising
impacts of consumer orientation in advertising

He continues consumerism has found advertising to be a prime object of attention because advertising visibly touches everyone virtually all day long.

As a result, we see a number of consumer-oriented advertisements in the market. Consumer satisfaction has become the target of every advertising made by businessmen.

Traders know that they are not selling products, but solutions through advertisements to consumers.

This raises consumers’ standard of living, satisfaction, and welfare.

During the last few decades, consumer-oriented advertisements are increasing in numbers and are creating a good impact on businessmen.

Different Impacts of Consumer Orientation in Advertising

The following points explain the increasing impact of consumer orientation in advertising:

1. Focus on Consumer Problems

Modern advertisements are totally focused on solutions to consumers’ buying problems.

Today we see the advertisements suggesting solutions to many problems like too much cost, body pains, headache, decaying gums, hair failing, illness, health, dirt clearance, tooth pain, etc.

2. Purity

Consumers like pure products. The prefer purity especially in food products, spices, edible, oils and ghee, butter, milk, etc.

Many advertisements, centering on kitchens, create a trust for pure products that can be used without fear.

Such advertisements motivate and impress buyers in these days of increasing adulteration and impure merchandise.

3. Physical and Mental Energy

Consumers want vigor and vitality through products. They like to consume such products which give them inner strength and energy for their physical and mental pursuits.

They need vitamins, irons, and proteins in edible products.

Many advertisements for food drinks, energy drinks, juices, butter, eggs, milk, nutritive foods, energy capsules, etc. fulfill the energy needs of consumers.

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4. Health Elevation

Every consumer wants good health. Hence, their many advertisements that focus on health improvement.

Advertisements of soap, toothpaste, food products, energy drinks, health club, etc are consumer-oriented as they protect the health of people.

5. Beauty Care

All consumers need beauty care help.

Advertisements of facial cream, powder, shampoo, undergarments, hair removers, hair dye, beauty parlors, etc. provide help to care about beauty needs.

These fulfill the beauty needs of consumers.

6. Physical Rest

Many advertisements focus on products that suggest physical leisure and rest. These save physical labor.

Advertisements of kitchen machine, cooker, washing machine, gas oven, stove, dust cleaner, flour machine, kitchenware, etc. emphasize on savings of human labor.

These fulfill the need for physical rest.

7. Pleasant LifeStyle

Some advertisements change the lifestyle of consumers.

They make way off living modern, pleasant and happy.

The advertisements for products like car, television, air conditioner, sofa, suitings, jeans, music instruments, washing machine, etc. fulfill this need of consumers.

8. Secured Future

Every consumer imagines a secured and protected life.

The advertisements of life insurance, banks, investment institutions, post office savings, shares, and debentures provide security to consumers.

These suggest a pleasant, happy and good life for people.

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9. Safety and Protection

Human beings want security and safety in life. A man desires to protect the life of himself and his family. He wants the security of his property and house.

Hence, many advertisements are centered on this need of people.

The advertisements of bank lockers, safety chains, locks, life and general insurance, medical stores, drugs, fire extinguishment apparatus, pension plan, small savings provide protection and satisfy this need of people.

10. General Knowledge

Every man wants knowledge and information. A man also desires to raise his level of knowledge and experience.

What is customer oriented marketing?
What is customer oriented marketing?

These are many advertisements for such products which become the means of increasing knowledge.

These include advertisements for books, computers, educational institutes, video games, movies, newspapers, etc.

11. Comparative Information

Consumers, generally make buying decisions after making a comparative study of various products. that is why many advertisements present a comparison of competitors’ products.

These help consumers to compare the prices, quality, and features of the products.

It can be noted that comparison to choosing better is a very natural instinct of a man.

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A man also likes to get assurances, proofs, facts of the right quality and good product.

12. Family Welfare and Prosperity

Customers want to raise the welfare and prosperity of their families.

They want the economic betterment and happiness of their children. Many advertisements focus on the fulfillment of this need.

There is a long list of such advertisements. Consumer’s welfare plans have become a good feature of advertisement.

The ads of investments, family insurance, loan, installment buying with zero interest, credit facilities, good seeds, tractors, and fertilizers for agriculture, subsidies for small scale industries, medical insurance, etc. emphasize the feeling of family welfare to attract consumers.

13. Happiness and Gayfulness

Every man wants to enjoy life in various dimensions. People want pleasure and entertainment. They want a playful mood and humor.

They relish products that recreate them.

The advertisements for cars, cameras, VCD, computers, watches, paint, artistic products, and luxurious items, etc. create a feeling of happiness.

These suggest the purchase of such products which make life warmful, charmful and colorful.

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14. Fear and Risk Awakening

Consumers want protection against fear, risks, dangers, perils, and various insecurities of life.

Advertisements make them aware of these harms and losses.

Many advertisements provide warning against the harmful effects and risks of some products like cigarettes, wine, intoxication, gambling, tobacco, etc.

We see many adds of safety products.

Thus, consumers develop an attitude of making life safer through advertising.

15. Tourism

Man likes to visit and travel various places of historical and cultural importance.

We find various ads for tour and travel or foreign packages.

The ads of airlines, taxies, transport corporation railways, hotels, tourism corporations, travel agencies attract customers, provide them various information, concessions, and fulfill the needs of men to visit the places, people, and cultures.

16. Low Price and Economy

People always want the product at the minimum price. They buy at a reduced price to save money.

We do come across such ads that offer various incentives, discounts, concessions to buy particular products.

They make price appeal which is the single most significant appeal. Grand reduction sales, Festival offer, New year offer, Discount up to 50%, etc. are some of the ads which provide purchase with the economy and money-saving.

Thus, The success of advertising depends on consumer satisfaction and confidence.

Advertisements have to assist consumers in achieving their goals and in getting the buying problems solved. Consumers will not permit any advertising which tends to impair their satisfaction.

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