8 Major Importance of Sales Policies (With Examples)

Sales policy provides guidelines for sales decision making and action to carry out the marketing functions in accordance with the chosen strategy.

importance of sales policies
importance of sales policies

Sales policies impact on the functions and operations of the sales department.

These policies delineate the guidelines within which the efforts to reach a personal selling objective is made.

Importance of Sales Policies

The importance of sales policies is described under the following headings:

1. Profitable Sale

Profitable sales depend not only on the proper control and operation of a salesman but also on sound sales policies.

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2. Influence Jobs of Sales Executives

Sales policies directly influence the jobs of sales executives.

These policies provide direction as sales executives plan how the company will reach person selling objectives, as the organized the sales efforts, as they manage the Salesforce, and as they control the sales effort.

Clearly, these policies provide the Framework within which sales executives and the department they lead must operate.

3. Answers to Sales Issues

Certain issues related to the product, the channel of distribution, pricing, the customer may confront the company.

Time and time again questions about the product line, promotion work, Salesforce, credit, discounts, and rebate and similar basic matters arise.

sales policy in sales management
sales policy in sales management

Sales policies give Central management’s standing answers to these questions.

Sales policies indicate how these recurring problems are to be resolved so as to attain basic objectives.

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4. Easy Delegation

With the policies clearly understood, a busy sales executive can delegate duties to subordinates with confidence that these will be carried out along the general lines he wishes.

5. Easier Co-ordination

Each executive knows how others will act, and this makes co-ordination easier to achieve.

6. Consistency of Action

There will be a consistency of action taken by different members of the firm.

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7. Living Precepts

Policies are not a set of inflexible rules, instant they are the living precepts which guide the company in a continuing and consistent pattern of the behaviour.

8. Affect Success of Others

Decisions regarding one type of sales policy affect the success of other policies.

Thus, now you know the importance of sales policies.


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