Is Management an Art or Science With Examples

Generally, a controversy arises whether management is science or art. It is said that management is the oldest of arts and the youngest of science.

The nature of management has been influenced by the different concepts propounded by eminent management thinkers and Experts. The concept of management is really Universal and dynamic

management is an art or science with examples
management is an art or science with examples

The continuous and rapid development of management principles and practices in organizations has changed the nature of management.

The nature of management can also be analyzed in the context of it being an inborn and accurate ability.

This explains the changing nature of management. But to have an exact answer to the question.

Thus, It is necessary to understand both these aspects separately and combinedly as described below:

Is Management an Art

Art refers to the way of doing specific things. It indicates how objectives are to be achieved.

Arts is bringing about the desired result through the application of skill.

Art is the skillful application of knowledge that entirely depends on the inherent capacity of a person which comes from within a person and is learned from practice and experience.

In this sense, management is certainly an art as a manager used his skill and knowledge to solve even complicated problems that have come across in the working of his enterprise successfully. 

Every manager develops his own personal style and this is something that can be associated with art

Management is considered an art rather than a science mainly because managerial skill is a personal possession and is intuitive.

Is Management a Science

Science may be described as a systematized body of knowledge pertaining to an area of study and contains some general truths explaining past events. 

It is systematized in the sense the relationship between variables and limits have been ascertained and underlying principles have been discovered.

For a subject to be classified as a science, It is absolutely necessary that it should have codified principles and techniques that explain certain truths with reference.

To basic phenomena or principles. In this sense, management is a science as it has also developed some systematized knowledge.

Like other Sciences, management has also developed certain principles, laws, and generalizations, which are universal in nature and are applicable wherever the efforts of the people are to be coordinated.

These fundamental management principles have been developed after being tested in varying situations and they can be applied in the conduct of undertaking. A manager also takes decisions making process by applying the scientific methodology.

Management is a Science because decisions are made by managers on facts developed through a scientific approach.

The objective of the science of management is to replace hunches and guesswork and trial and error approach with exact knowledge so that management objectives can be reached with effort time and cost.

Is Management an Art and Science or Both

It has now been accepted that management is being as well as science.

It has the elements of Arts as well as science. But one cannot justify that management is entirely based on art or equally based on Science.

In the areas of management, science, and art tattoo ideas of a coin. 

Science and art are not multicellular exclusive fields of endeavor.

Management is a process that combines art as well as science in the achievement of predetermined goals.

Similarly, management contains both elements, those of science and those of Art.

This is not a contradiction in terms of art and science complementing each other and is not mutually exclusive.

It may be noticed there is no hard and fast line between the science and the art of Management.

There are lots of functions of sales management.

Management is a mixture of Art and Science. 

The present ratio is about 70% or 30% of science. There is no doubt that management is an amalgam of science and art. But this combination cannot be in proportion.

Management is regarded as applied science. As an applied scientist a manager processes.

The skill to use his knowledge in practice in the working of an organization.

Just as a doctor has to translate his knowledge into curing the present, a manager also used his knowledge in the solution of managerial problems.

Is Management a Profession

The profession is a vocation requiring some significant body of knowledge that is applied with a high degree of consistency in the service of some relevant segment of sociality.

If management is a profession then how?

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