18 Techniques of Motivating Creativity of Employees

It is true that every person not only possess the inner capacity of creativity, he also has an immense stock of Ideas. The creative power of the employees may be simulated by applying various methods and techniques, these may be developed, as well.

techniques of motivating creativity of employees
techniques of motivating creativity of employees

The methods of motivation creativity in the workplace is very important.

Techniques of Motivating Creativity of Employees

Briefly, the various methods and techniques of motivating creativity of employees may be followings:

1. Attribute Listing Method

This is a simple method to encourage creativity, which is followed for improving some ideas or production methods.

A specific process is used in it, which includes the following steps:

  1. To prepare a list on the basis of qualities of the product.
  2. To consider each quality or trait, to improve these.
  3. Innumerable suggestions are offered.
  4. The analysis is made by keeping the limitations of each idea or firm into view and the new combination is devised at the end.

2. Input-Output Method

This method is used in one or the other form, in the context of problems related to the use of energy.

For it, the following functions are performed:

  • The desired goals are defined.
  • The available sources of energy are defined, and
  • After changing the available resources, inputs into determined goals, consideration may be given each possible alternative.

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3. Grid Analysis Method

In this method of motivating strict creativity, two-way greed is prepared, to analyze the main constituents of any problem.

The method includes:

  1. Defining the problem.
  2. To find out every possible theoretical solution to the problem.
  3. To consider all possible combinations on both dimensions.
  4. To find out the solution to the problem.
  5. To evaluate each suggestion.

4. Brain Storming

In this method of encouraging creativity, generally, meetings in a group of 5-8 persons are organized.

In such meetings, the participating members freely express all types of ideas on a specific problem.

These ideas may be good or bad, practical or impractical, suitable or unsuitable, whatever emerges in the mind.

The group leader goes on noting such ideas and later on each idea is evaluated and the best possible solutions are explored.

The main objective of this method is the creation of maximum ideas and to bring out the creative ideas hidden in a person by augmenting the flow of ideas, so that the best solution of the problem may be explored.

The brainstorming method is used for advertisements, product improvement, product development, production process, cost determination, office systems and finding solutions to the problem.

This method encourages group thinking and free discussions. By this method, several brains may collectively find the creative solution to the problems.

This system has some deficiencies also.

By this method, the creative thinking of a person is not possible in the meetings.

People do not take sufficient interest in meetings due to a lack of power to execute the ideas.

However, this method is helpful in the generation of several new ideas.

5. Nominal Group Process Method

As is clear from the name, in the nominal group process method, the members sit alone to develop ideas.

Thereafter, they put a list of ideas to each other.

In this method, a person develops various ideas, without hesitation.

There is no hurdle in the development of ideas of the members because there is no physical interaction between the members.

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6. Gorden Method

This is such a method, in which common group discussions are held on any subject related to the problem, but members are not informed about the exact problem.

techniques of motivating creativity of employees
techniques of motivating creativity of employees

In other words, in this method, direct dialogue is not held for the problem, but the general discussion is held on the subject related to that.

The main objective of this method is to develop any basic new idea for any specific problem area.

In this method, there is no possibility of members feeling fascinating on their own ideas because this method does not lay stress on hasty and easy ventures.

In this technique, the search for new ideas goes on continuing. Besides, most of the ideas in this method are practical.

However, the success of this method largely depends upon the imaginative power of the group leaders.

7. Buzz Session Method

In this method of motivating creativity, a big group is divided into small groups of 5-6 employees, whose functions are as follows:

  1. Each group considers the same problem, separately.
  2. Each group explorers maximum ideas.
  3. Evolutes those ideas and selects the best idea or ideas.
  4. The leader of each group presents the ideas of his group before the other groups. and
  5. The final solution of the problem is explored on the basis of ideas of all the groups.

8. Synthesis Method

The synthesis method clearly implies linking together unrelated and different elements.

In it, every member, who is the specialist of any particular subject presents his ideas for solving the problem on the basis of a momentary analogy.

9. Morphological Analysis Method

This method lays stress on expressing important dimensions of any particular problem and examining relations between them.

For that, a multidimensional matrix is prepared by taking various dimensions of the problem and all possible alternatives are tested.

10. Catalog Method

In this method of creativity, anyone’s name, number, Idea, picture or word is abruptly selected, from the printed source of a catalog.

Then, the effort is made to develop some new ideas, by placing each number in the context of other numbers and in the end, all figures are analyzed in the context of each figure.

11. Focused Object Method

Following steps are taken in this method to motivate creativity:

  1. Predetermined object, idea or problem is taken up.
  2. The object is casually selected abruptly.
  3. Out of aforesaid both steps, a compulsory and unrelated relation established.

As a result, new and original ideas may be explored.

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12. Problem Solving Method

This method is used to explore the creative solution of the complicated problems of the organization, for some days.

Its participants belong to different organizations that have experience in various fields and solve the problems by collective thinking.

13. Lateral Thinking Method

In this method of creativity earlier stated methods, like – relationship method, associationism method, trait listing method, etc. are made basis and problem are solved.

14. Imagery Method

The imagery method is inspired on the basis of an imaginary walk.

In this method, employees may be provided training to present some new ideas, on the basis of different thinkings, by going into rest by closing eyes, lowering the breathing speed and seeking consultation from their intuition.

methods of motivation creativity in the workplace
methods of motivation creativity in the workplace

This method functions like windows of our intuition.

This is a simple process of imparting training to the Employees.

This method may be used for solving various human and physiological problems of Management.

15. Analogy Method

This method of motivating creativity assumes that if two objects may be similar in some respects, there may be similar in some respects, they may be similar in some other respects also.

Hence, this is a unique method to make familiar and known objects as known and familiar objects.

Thus, this method is a method to solve the problem by generating an analogy between different objects.

The analogy may be of the following four types:

  1. To find out the solution, by viewing the problem in own context.
  2. To Max’s comparison between events of different persons.
  3. To assume the problem is analogous to some other problem and to imagine its new functions and objects.
  4. To think over some new objects on the basis of imaginative power, without paying attention to reality and to offer suggestions about new changes.

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16. Dream Method

The power of dreaming by people is distinct.

When we do a lot of mental labor to resolve any problem and even thereafter have no hopes for solving the problem, suddenly some solution emerges in our mind.

In such conditions, the employees should immediately not it and should look at the inherent sense for the imaginations and symbols that emerged in the brain and not to analyze their meaning of the words.

17. Drawing Method

The ability to draw this also related to reflection, concepts, feelings, symbols, imagery picturization and imaginations.

So, initial drawings are prepared for various problems, or some signs are prepared for which ideas of other persons are invited.

18. Meditation Method

This method is used to motivate creativity.

By this method, persons may find out creative solutions to serious and complicated problems of the organization, by seriously meditating over them.

This is the most effective method to make conscious the creative potential of the persons.

Thus, now you know the techniques of motivating creativity of employees.

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