What are the Modern Theories of Employee Motivation?

A good deal of research has been conducted on human relations at work. As a result of a good number of researchers in the field, a number of Management Scholars and thinkers have various theories of motivation have been developed.

modern theories of employee motivation
modern theories of employee motivation

Modern Theories of Employee Motivation

Motivation is the process of encouraging and stimulating an individual to action.

It has been derived from the ‘Motive’.

A motive is an inner state that activates, energizes, or moves an ‘individual and channelizes his behavior toward goals.

Thus, It reflects an impulse, drive or urge to move in a specific direction to reduce a need.

Important Modern Theories of Motivation Among:

  1. Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory.
  2. Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory.
  3. Theory X and Theory Y.

What do you mean by Financial motivation?

Financial motivation is that which is associated directly or indirectly with Monetary consideration wages and salaries are direct financial incentives.

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