16 Need and Importance of Business Environment (Explain)

There is a symbiotic relationship between business and its environment and among the environmental factors. In other words, business is influenced by its environment and in turn, to a certain extent, it will influence the external forces environment.

need and importance of business environment
need and importance of business environment

Need and Importance of Business Environment

The need and importance of the business environment can be shown as follows:

1. Effective Management

Coordination with the business environment is the pre-condition for the success of the firm’s management.

Management has to develop communication between the firm and the environment.

So that it can get reliable information in due time.

It will help in decision making and the success of Management.

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2. Innovation

Innovation is the key to the success of the business.

The firm cannot make progress without innovation in the areas of goods and services.

The innovation can succeed only when it is according to the business environment.

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3. Long-Term Planning

In order to formulate long-term planning analysis of the present environment and forecasting of the future environment is essential.

The strategy and objectives of long-term Planning can be determined by studying environmental factors.

4. Effective Decision

Effective and informed decisions are those which can be implemented and taken according to the business environment.

Thus, the study of the business environment is essential for taking effective and firm decisions.

5. Success and Progress of Business

The success, progress, and prosperity of a business firm depend on the study and analysis of the business environment.

No firm can get success without the knowledge of its environment.

If a firm is not familiar with its environment, it cannot succeed.

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6. Survival of Firm

The study of the business environment is a must for survival in the firm.

No firm can survive and succeed without the continuation of touch with the environment.

The continuous flow of information between the firm and the environment is essential for the survival of the firm in the organization.

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7. Coordination with Environment

In order to achieve its targets, every business institution has to co-ordinate itself with various factors of the environment.

It has to coordinate in its operations according to the changing external environment.

8. Getting Resources

A firm gets factors of production. like, capital, labour, land, etc.

From the environment. In order to get production at a low cost, the study of the external environment and its effect on the firm is necessary.

9. Distribution of Production and Services

In order to get the desired profit and optimum and economic use of factors of production, the knowledge of the external environment is essential for a business firm.

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10. Knowledge of Business Complexes

Business complexes are those external factors which influence the firm.

need and importance of business environment
need and importance of business environment


Operations and firms have to respond to it.

The study of the business environment helps the managers to understand these factors and complex business operations.

11. Knowledge of Opportunities, Challenges, and limitations

The environment determines the limitations of a business firm and also produces new challenges and opportunities for the firm.

The limitations of the business firm are determined by environmental factors, Such as government policies, the legal provisions, competitive situations, etc.

Some other factors, such as consumer income, development of Technology, etc. Produces new opportunities and challenges to the farm.

12. Knowledge of Change

The business environment is dynamic. The environmental factors, like the test of consumer, fashion, habits, Technologies, size, color and quality of product and availability of new product are always changing.

For the success of a business, it is essential for familiar with the changing factors of the business environment.

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13. Business Frutescens

There are continuous fluctuations in the business and the rate of fluctuations is not the same.

To know the fluctuations and their effects study of the business environment is essential.

14. Evolution of Objectives and Planning

In order to make a success of the business, planning is essential.

It should be framed according to the business environment.

It should be evaluated from time to time so that business management can modify plans and their objectives according to the changing environment.

15. Study of Natural Effect

Various factors of the business environment affect Each Other.

The study of the business environment is essential to know the mutual effect of environmental factors on each other.

16. Measurement of Uncertainty or Risk

Uncertainty and risk are involved in the dynamic world of business.

In order to measure the business risk and uncertainty.

The study of the business environment is useful it helps in collecting business information by which risk can be minimized.

So, that is the importance of studying the business environment.

Thus, now you know the need and importance of business environment in the economy.

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