17 Essential Principles of Effective Advertising

Advertising will only survive and grow it focuses on being effective. It must achieve its objectives. It most product results. But advertising cannot save bad products. There are certain essentials or principles which must be followed to make the ad successful.

principles of effective advertising
principles of effective advertising

Advertising increase inquires from end-users and channel members and it increases customer traffic.

Principles of Effective Advertising

These are as follows:

1. Relevant Message

Advertising must satisfy consumers objectives by delivering them a relevant message.

Unnecessary puffery, misrepresentation of facts and deceptive statements must be avoided. It should present information wits facts.

It must be related to a personal need and should provide relevant information about how to satisfy that need.

2. Sound Enough Incentive

The ad must offer enough incentive for the consumer to risk change because it can show the consumer how to satisfy needs in a manageable way.

Incentives may reinforce his buying decisions.

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3. Sound Strategy

Every effective ad has a sound strategy.

The advertiser must develop the ad to meet specific objectives.

It must consider the audience’s most important concerns.

It must carefully direct the strategy to a certain audience.

4. Creative Thinking

The creative concept is the ads central idea that grabs your attention and sticks in your memory.

A concern for creative thinking drives the entire field of advertising.

Advertisings is an exciting field because of the constant demand for imaginative solutions to media and message problems.

The advertising must call for imaginative problem-solving.

5. Proper Execution

Effective ads are well executed. It means that the message details, the photography, setting, printing, and the production values all must be fine-tuned.

Good advertisers know that how you say something is just as important as what you say.

How you say” needs a sense of creativity and proper execution.

6. God Directed

Advertising must be goal-directed.

Advertising must hope to achieve something.

Every advertiser, deep down inside, hopes or assumes that each will produce sales.

7. Persuasion

To be effective, advertising must communicate and persuade.

essentials of effective advertising
essentials of effective advertising

After all, advertising is meant to persuade people to buy what is advertised.

It must be based on such factors as consumers exposure, attention, interest, inducement, and so forth.

8. Based on Reasoning

Effective advertising provokes thought on the part of the viewer, that stimulates interests, evaluation, judgement, and decision making inside the consumer’s mind.

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9. As by Emphasis

Advertising by emphasis aims for small delayed effects, just enough effect to tip the scales in favour of brand A over B.

10. Continuity

It can be noted that much advertising is quickly forgotten if not continuously exposed.

11. Other Principles

  1. Prospects must be identified before designing the advertising.
  2. Pride of possession must be expressed.
  3. Product value must be proved.
  4. The headline, slogans, sub-headline, colours, main body, etc. must be attractive.
  5. It must be easy to understand.
  6. The novelty of the product must be demonstrated.
  7. Ad must be distinctive and recognizable.
  8. It must be conveyed honestly and without duress or compulsion. Manipulation should not be involved.

Thus, now you know the principles of effective advertising.


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