21 Qualities of Highly Creative Person

Now, the questions arise who is known as a creative person, what are the qualities of a creative person or how creativity may be identified? In reply to do these three questions, it may be said that by a Creative person, we mean such person, who perceives some new relations among various related things.

qualities of creative person
qualities of a creative person

The quality of creativity is found in the individuals, as also in the organizations.

As a result, creative organizations create a suitable environment for creativity for the individuals or persons, by which the employees may develop their creativity.

Specific qualities of the creative person or identification of creativity are not easy to be spelled out.

Qualities of Creative Person

The following are the common traits or qualities and characteristics of Creative Person:

1. Imaginative Power

The creative person has imaginative power, through which he can create new ideas by seeing or hearing the problem or difficulty presented before him.

As a result, the solution to that problem becomes quickly and the managers will be able to develop the ideas also.

2. Alertness

The creative person should also be alert.

The competition may be faced by being alert to produce some new product by his own thinking. And suggestions can be given to management, only by being alert.

3. Capacity of Combination

Creativity is a combination of new ideas, which affects the feelings of employees and managers working in the institution.

So, creativity should have the capacity to establish a combination of various ideas, researches, concepts between thinking and expressions, etc.

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4. Maturity

The creative person should have full maturity in his ideas.

He should have the capacity not only to understand his duties and responsibilities but also to understand the meaning and significance of his views and to fulfill them.

5. Thinking and Expressing

A creative person should have the quality to think and express nicely.

With this quality, the managers will also think deeply about the existing problem and also for solving the probable problems and will so act that no problem arises in the future.

6. Ideological Flow and Flexibility

The creative person has the power for the creation of ideas and thinking.

They can quickly create ideas on any issue.

Not only that, but the creative person has also the quality to create the ideas, to change them or to leave them, on the basis of changing approach, time and circumstances.

Hence, they are ready to easily adopt the new system of approach, ways, and thought.

7. Intellectual and Logical Ability

A creative person also possesses the intellectual and logical ability.

That is why, new logical ideas, new methods and modern techniques in his mind, whereas things have to be explained to mentally weak persons.

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8. Multifarious Knowledge

Knowledge of various subjects, policies, fields, Acts, etc. is also essential for creativity, with which the entrepreneurs may present and execute practical ideas and approaches.

Besides, government policies may also have complied with the various facilities may also be obtained from the government.

9. Firmness in Ideas

The creative person should have firm ideas.

They do not change their ideas by being threatened or on gratification.

He should also have permanency in his ideas.

10. Emotional

A creative person is dominated by feelings and emotions.

So, they use imagination and predictions in all activities, they do not make consideration on various problems, only by logic and their working style is also not fully based on logic.

11. Normative Originality

A creative person possesses normative originality.

So, they look at the question and issues with depth, they have the ability to nicely present the events.

They are also competent to give a suitable response in various situation and their replies to the questions are very exact.

12. Bias less

Creative persons never deceit with their Institution and officers and are honest and true also.

characteristics of creative person
characteristics of a creative person


So, there new ideas and researches are appreciated by all, which inspires them to present more ideas in the future.

On the contrary, if he is not biased less, people will lose confidence in him, even if he is new ideas that may be quiet useful.

13. Tolerance

Creative persons have the quality of tolerance also.

They patiently hear others’ views and if there is some deficiency in that, they are ament that, while including it in their ideas.

On the contrary, non-creative persons give all logical arguments to prove others’ views, as wrong and impractical.

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14. Preference for Complications

The creative person has a distinct quality to give preference to the complications.

Hence, he does not want to undertake easy tasks and has the highest liking for complications and also likes challenging problems.

15. Tested Decision Takers

The creative persons do not make hurry in solving any problem, without examining and testing all related aspects.

They do not feel obliged to accept others’ points, without logically examining these.

Acceptance of suitable points is in their nature. Hence, they are known as the best decision-makers.

16. Competitive Nature

Creative persons have a competitive nature.

Hence, they keep themselves engaged in achieving their goals, by surpassing others, on the basis of their new ideas, new experiments, and new schemes.

They have the tendency to appear distinct, excellent and ahead than their competitors and their main aspiration is of recognition and achievement.

17. Holder of Power of knowledge

Creative persons hold the power of knowledge.

Hence, they do not believe in the formal power of the contrary person with low creativity regard power as final and secular.

18. Liking for Loneliness

Creative persons like loneliness.

Their liking is more for being busy with creativity.

They do not want to spare more time for society and are always busy with some types of thinkings.

19. Full of Diversities

The behavior of Creative persons is full of diversities and different from others.

They utilize most of their time in exploring the various alternative to solve the problem and their thinking and behavior are full of diversities.

20. Confession of Emotions

The creative person does not have hesitations and hence they instantly express their emotions, agitations and personal whims.

They are more conscious of their feelings.

21. Attainer of Achiever

The creative persons have the goal of attaining something, So, they attain the achievements by bearing risks.

22. Independent

Creative persons believe in remaining independent, presenting the independent view, taking independent decisions, bearing the responsibilities themselves and have greater concern for doing the work.

Thus, now you know the qualities of a creative person.

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