8 Major Reasons for Not Establishing Sales Territories (Explained)

A sales territory is composed of a group of customers or a geographic area assigned to a salesperson.

reasons for not establishing sales territories
reasons for not establishing sales territories

There are certain instances in which territory formation is not appropriate.

Poorly matched salespersons and territories become liabilities to the sales organizations.

Reasons for Not Establishing Sales Territories

These are the main reasons for not designing or establishing sales territory in the firm as follows:

1. Small Business

A small business is not in a position o draw rigid territorial lines.

It has to be quite flexible about who will handle a particular account.

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2. Social or Personal Relationships

It is not possible to form sales territories where social relationships or personal friendships are often the basis of sales, especially in the field of financial services.

It would obliviously be counterproductive to place territorial restrictions on such relationships.

3. High Technology Selling

In high technology selling, there are often a very limited number of potential customers nationwide that require highly specialized advice.

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4. Limited Number of Specialist Salesman

reasons why a firm might not have sales territories
reasons why a firm might not have sales territories

WHen the specialist salesmen are limited in number, and formation of territorial boundaries would be foolhardy.

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5. Local Business

When a firm has a local business, the formation of sales territories is not possible.

6. Lack of Resources

Separate sales territories require huge financial resources.

Hence, due to limited resources territorial division is avoided.

7. Dealings in Fixed Assets

When a firm deals in the business of fixed assets such as land, plots or houses, it has no use to form sales territories.

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8. Work Freedom

When salespersons want the freedom of work and contacts or when they do not want to tie or linkage with any particular territory, the establishment of any territorial boundaries will not require.

Thus, now you understand the reasons for not establishing sales territories.


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