7 Powerful SalesForce Promotion Techniques (With Examples)

Salesforce promotion techniques are used to motivate salespeople to put in more efforts to increase sales, increase distribution, promote new or seasonal products and build up morale and enthusiasm of Salesforce.

Salesforce promotion techniques
Salesforce promotion techniques

Sale force is linking pin between customers and the firm. Energetic efforts on the part of salesmen may make the firms competitive position sound.

Salesforce Promotion Techniques

Following salesforce promotion techniques are generally used for Salesforce promotion.

1. Sales Contests

Sales contests are organized by the manufacturer in this scheme and rewards are provided to salesmen who have achieved exceptional targets. Contests are used to motivate Salesforce.

A certain sales quota is fixed for the salesman and those who exceed the quota by a specified margin are awarded cash or a certificate.

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2. Sales Training Manuals

Material such as manuals, visual aids, flip charts, programmed learning books, etc. are useful to salespeople.

These manuals help on spot decisions and make the task of salesmen easier.

3. Sales Meetings

Sales meetings are generally organized for salespeople from one area, region, or district.

These meetings are considered as a popular way of educating salespeople.

Sales meetings generally focus on product knowledge and motivation of the salespeople.

Formal lectures, film and slide shows, written and oral Quiz Contests are used in these meetings.

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4. Packets with Promotional Material

Under this scheme, promotional materials are provided to salesman fulfilling certain targets.

Training materials such as manuals, visual aids and learning books are most useful for salespeople.

types of sales promotion techniques
types of sales promotion techniques

Promotional material often used by companies includes paid vacations within or outside the country, Cash or kind, medals, on merit certificates. These materials may be further transferred to customers.

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5. Bonus to SalesForce

A quota of sale is fixed for each salesman during a fixed. Bonus is offered on sales in excess of the quota fixed.

In order to get a higher premium, the salesman will try to sell more quantity of goods.

6. Demonstrations

Demonstration of Technical product clarify many points to the salesman which is useful when queries are made to the salesman by the prospects.

This increases the confidence level of the salesman while dealing with the prospects. This technique is very effective about durable goods.

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7. SalesForce Contest

Salesforce contests are announced to stimulate company salesmen to redouble their interest and efforts over a stated period with prizes to the top performer. 15 Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Sales Promotion (Explained).

Thus, Personal selling by far is the most important method of sales promotion. To make it Highly Effective, Salesforce promotion schemes are felt necessary.

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