17 Scope and Importance of Macroeconomics (With Examples)

Macroeconomics scope is wide and it studies the economic variable affecting the economy as a whole and other economies as well.

scope and importance of macroeconomics
scope and importance of macroeconomics

Macroeconomic is called income and Employment analysis.

It studies the effective demand and income, employment, investment economic variables.

Scope of Macroeconomics

The scope of macroeconomics is very wide following points can be studied under it:

1. Theory of Income and Employment

In it, the formulation of income and Employment level is done and the study of consumption, function, investment, function, multiple and accelerator is also done.

2. Theory of General Price Level

In it, the formulation of the general price level is studied and problems related to inflation, deflation are a prime subject matter of Macroeconomics.

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3. Theory of Development and Planning

For a fast and balanced development, developing countries apply many economic theories.

So, the study of process and theories of economic development and planning is also an important subject matter of Macroeconomics.

4. Theory of trade cycle

In the macroeconomics study of the trade, the cycle is done.

The factor of Boom and Depression in the trade cycle, there effects and removal of these effects are studied in Macroeconomics.

5. Theory of International Trade and Foreign Exchange

It is also a subject matter of Macroeconomics.

Under its theory of International Trade, terms of trade, determination of foreign exchange rates, etc. Are studied.

6. Theory of Public Finance

In it, the study of theories, policies, and effects related to government income, expenditure loans, etc. are done.

The study of fiscal policy is the prime subject matter of public finance.

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7. Principles of Money and Banking

In macroeconomics, theories related to Money and banking, country’s monetary and credit system, functions of the central bank and other banks and international finance are studied.

8. Macro-Theory of Distribution

In macroeconomics study of the distribution of wages and profits in national income is done.

So, it is clear that the scope of Macroeconomics it’s very wide.

Importance of Macroeconomics

Following are the importance of macroeconomics:

1. Useful in Formulation of Economic Policies

Macroeconomics is very useful in the formulation of economic policies.

importance of macroeconomics
importance of macroeconomics

Macroeconomics is very important in the view of economic policies because economic policies of the government are related to the group of individuals and not with individuals.

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2. Understanding the Collective and Complex Operation of Economy

In Microeconomics knowledge of only individual units can be done but for the collective and complex operation of while the economy, Macroeconomics is helpful.

3. Helpful in Development of Microeconomics

It is helpful in the development of microeconomics because the formulation of laws and theories of microeconomics is done with the help of macroeconomics.

4. Solving various Economic Problems

Economists take the help of macroeconomics in solving the problem related to the whole economy, like-National income, National Savings, and investment, consumption, production, etc.

5. Useful in Economic Planning

At present, for the solution of economic problems and for fast and balanced economic development.

Every nation takes the help of economic planning and the determination of targets in plans is done on the basis of Macro Analysis.

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6. Analysis of trade cycle

On the basis of macroeconomics by doing the analysis of factors boom and depression, important steps are taken for the removal of the cycles.

7. Analysis of Monetary Problems

Knowledge of the determination of monetary policy of a country, the study of its effect and cause of monetary problems and solutions for the removal of these problems is done only by Macro analysis.

8. Study Whole Economy

Due to micro paradoxes, it is essential to study the whole economy because those decisions which are applicable to individual units it is not necessary that the same decision will be applicable to the whole economy.

9. Analysis of Unemployment

In a country, the reason for unemployment is due to a lack of effective demand.

So for the removal of unemployment increase in effective demand is essential.

These factors of unemployment, its effect, and solutions for removal of these effects is possible through Macro Analysis.

Thus, now you know and understand the scope and importance of macroeconomics.

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