11 Advantages of Proper Selection Process (With Examples)

Selection is the process in which candidates for employment are divided into two classes those who are to be offered employment and those who are not. The selection incorporates diverse mechanisms designed to gather information about applicants for sales jobs.

advantages of proper selection process
advantages of proper selection process

Advantages of Proper Selection Process

A proper selection of salespersons has the following advantages:

1. Keep to Salesforce Management

Selection is matching company needs and applicant’s potential.

It is a very important key to the strategic and tactical aspects of Salesforce management.

2. Worst Mistake

It is said that the worst mistake a manager can make him make a bad hire.

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3. To Acquire Best Salespeople

Selection of proper salesman is very important to avoid disappointments, both to the employer and employee.

Effective sales managers make every effort to line the best salespeople available to them.

Having wrong personal costs a great deal to any organization is neither the employer nor the employee is satisfied. How to Become a Successful Salesman? 33 Qualities (Complete List).

4. Low Turnover Rate

An organization’s turnover that shows, the effectiveness of its selection process.

It is a risk both to the company and the salespeople.

The company losses because the salesperson does not fit into the required job and the salesperson losses by choosing a wrong career and losing time which cannot be recovered. 9 Important Steps of Employee Selection Process (Explained).

Proper selection reduces the turnover of the salesman.

It is helpful to maintain a certain number of the salesman with the organization as it increases the per capita sales and the morale of the sales organization.

5. To Seek Emotional Maturity

Unlike other jobs success in selling does not send on an intellectual ability alone.

There are many emotional demands on the salesman also.

His personality, ability, experience, temperament, and aptitude are also important in tackling situations that a company acquired through sound selection.

6. Proper Service to Customers

One of the greatest challenges is hiring salespeople who can develop a close, trusting, long-term relationship with customers.

importance of effective recruitment and selection
importance of effective recruitment and selection

The manner in which salespeople establish, build, and maintain relationships is no longer an incidental aspect of personal selling.

Somebody says we look for people who feel a great sense of purpose in serving our customers.

You can train people to be consultive to their approach to the point that they master the mechanics of the sales process, but you cannot teach someone to care.

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7. Good Sales Performance

Selecting applicants is an integral part of implementing strategic Salesforce.

If the selection stage is handled effectively, it can help ensure successful sales performance.

8. No More Training

A proper or a sound selection of salespersons make the base for the success of a sales organization.

It helps to reduce or Limit the turnover of the salesman.

Selection made of experienced and qualified salespersons need not running on the jobs.

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9. Increases Goodwill

A good and proper selection of salesman increases Goodwill of the firm.

In the eyes of the buyers, a salesman represents the company.

If he makes a poor impression the company is likely to have a poor reputation among its customers.

10. Long-Term Success

The selection of salespeople, while of obvious importance to the long-term future of the business, is a task that does not always receive the attention it should be from sales managers.

All too often, the ‘person profile’ is ill-defined and the selection procedure designed for maximum convenience rather than optimal choice.

The assumption is that the right Candidate should emerge whatever procedure is used.

Consequently, the interview is poorly handled, the smooth talker gets the job and another mediocre salesperson emerges.

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11. To Reduce Legal Complications

To reduce legal complications and possible legal hassles later, companies should follow a good selection procedure and should validate their selection tools before using them.

Thus, now you know the advantages of proper selection process.


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