9 Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Development Programme

Entrepreneurial development programme (EDP) means such programmes or efforts, which attempt for further advancement of the entrepreneurs, by introducing several changes in the general tendency of the people to establish new Enterprises.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Development Programme
Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Development Programme

The entrepreneurial development programmes aim at inducing people for self-employment, in place of service, so that they may become the master of his own business and may be able to provide employment to other persons by establishing the business.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Development Programme

Following are the main characteristics of entrepreneurial development programme (EDP):

1. Creating Desire for Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial development programme creates the Desire among the persons, male and female, like for entrepreneurship.

2. Creating Entrepreneurs

Basically, the entrepreneurial development programmes (EDP) help in promoting the first generation entrepreneurs and businessman, since they have no knowledge about the business.

The programme develops the courage to start the business or enterprise and make them successful in the new Ventures.

3. Motivation and Encouragement to Become Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial development programmes not only provide motivation to become entrepreneurs, but these also provide encouragement because of these:

  1. Inspired the beneficiary to become entrepreneurs.
  2. Inspire the youth towards self-employment, so that there is no need to search for employment and jobs.
  3. Encourage people to establish and operate small and cottage industries.
  4. Motivate entrepreneurs.
  5. Changes the entrepreneurial behaviours of people.

4. Widening the Path for Starting of New Business

The entrepreneurial development programmes (EDP) widen the path of people for establishing the new business.

It also explains the difficulties likely to arise in business, along with the measures for resolving them, so that they may become successful entrepreneurs and businessman.

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5. Important Tool and Synonymous for Human Resource Development

The entrepreneurial development programmes and important tools and synonymous for human resource development, since such programmes aim at complete development of the personality of The People.

role of entrepreneurial development programme
entrepreneurial development programme

For that technical capabilities are developed through various Institutions and organizations, so as to create the feelings for self-employment.

6. This is an Effort

The entrepreneurial development programme (EDP) is an effort to create, develop and strengthen the entrepreneurs and enterprising persons.

7. Continuous and Dynamic Process

The entrepreneurial development programme is a continuous and dynamic process, because such programmes provide continuous maximum opportunities for identification of enterprising potentialities and capabilities of the People, developing them and making use thereof.

Changes and revisions in the programmes are also made, according to the circumstances.

8. Development of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Tendency

The entrepreneurial development programme is an attempt to develop entrepreneurial behaviour and tendency so that the personality of a person may be transformed as an entrepreneur and may be made successful.

9. Evaluation and Refinement

Entrepreneurial development programmes are helpful to evaluate various qualities of the participant, like – courage, firm determination, physical and mental abilities, strategies vision and self-confidence, etc. and these are refinding also.

Thus, Now you know the What are the characteristics of entrepreneurship development Programme?

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