13 Benefits and Limitations of Magazine Advertising

Magazines or periodicals issued at varying intervals also constitute a powerful medium of advertising. Magazines are published monthly or quarterly or bi-annually or annually. They contain articles and news of current interest.

benefits and limitations of magazine advertising
benefits and limitations of magazine advertising

Magazines enjoy a longer life than newspapers. They are read at leisure hours.

Different types of magazines are published for different types of customers.

They have attractive advertisements with color and glaze.

Magazines may be of general nature, home and fashion magazines, specialized magazines, women magazines, etc.

Benefits of Magazine Advertising

Following are the advantages of magazine advertising:

1. Longer Life

Magazines have a longer life as compared to newspapers.

People read magazines much slower than newspaper advertising.

It gives ample time to think over the advertisement.

2. Visual Display

Due to the high quality of paper, excellent printing, detailed figures, drawings, graphics and good colours combinations, magazine advertisements have a lovelier and lasting impact.

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3. Selective in Approach

People with specific interests can usually find magazines to serve their interests.

Thus, an advertiser can reach a particular group of customers he needs.

4. Loyalty and Prestige

Magazines generally have an aura of prestige, expertise, and credibility.

Thus, advertisements attract more customers.

5. Geographic Flexibility

Magazines may be closely correlated to the advertiser’s market.

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6. Attract Readership

Magazines have the secondary and further readership or pass-along readership.

This increases the number of customers.

7. Wide Coverage

Since most magazines have nationwide circulation, advertisements are widely read and seen.

Limitations of Magazines Advertising

Following are the disadvantages of magazine advertising:

advantages and disadvantages of magazine advertising
advantages and disadvantages of magazine advertising
  1. Magazines are limited to literate and rich persons only.
  2. Magazines have limited circulation in comparison to newspapers. Hence, magazine advertisements have limited appeal to readers.
  3. Due to quality paper, color printing and the use of advanced technology, it is costlier to advertise in magazines.
  4. This advertising is not suitable for new products where repetitive advertising is essential.
  5. As magazines are published weekly, monthly or quarterly, the advertiser cannot communicate his message frequently and quickly.
  6. It is also quite difficult to select a proper magazine for the purpose of advertisement.

Thus, now you know the advantages and disadvantages of magazine advertising.


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