7 Simple Tactics for Writing Powerful Advertising Copy

An advertisement copy to be successful and effective must possess certain essentials. Ad copy is the process of expressing the value and benefits a brand has to offer via written or verbal descriptions.

tactics for writing powerful Advertising copy
tactics for writing powerful advertising copy

Writing an Ad copy is very serious work. you have to follow some high level but simple tips for your Ad copy.

Tactics for Writing Powerful Advertising Copy

The following different values of good effective advertising copy:

1. Attentive

Attention is the first step in the selling process. Therefore the advertising copy should be so designed which can draw the attention of even the most casual reader.

Readers are not compelled to go through the advertisements. Also, they have less time to do so.

Hence, only a well planned and skillfully designed advertising copy can attract the attention of readers.

The attention value of an advertising copy can be enhanced by the use of good pictures, bright colours, catchy headlines, short phrases, memorable slogans, exciting words, and emotive sentences.

At times, a good presentation can attract the attention of the readers.

For example, a large space is left blank with just a small message written on it. This device is used by ICICI Bank in its advertising copy.

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2. Suggestive Ad

After attracting the attention of the prospects, the advertising copy must offer a suggestion about the good uses of the product.

Suggestions can be given through rational slogans.

These create a permanent impression in the minds of the readers.

Similarly, by advertising copy can create satisfaction for consumers and prospects. This raises the value of the advertisement.

3. Memorizing Value

The advertising copy must create an advertising memory and vision for the readers.

Good slogans, repetitive use of advertisements, and brand names, logos, etc. provide a considerable amount of memorising value.

The use of trademarks and brand names must be made repeatedly to remind readers to buy the product.

The consumers can easily recall the brand name or trademark of the product whenever the need for it arises.

Products like Lifeboy, Philips, Apple, Samsung, tc. have become household names due to their memorizing value.

4. Conviction Value

The advertising copy should put convincing arguments so that it can create customers.

Simply telling that product is available is not sufficient, rather the copy should convince the readers about everything they, want to know about products.

The copy should explain all the reasons why consumers should prefer the advertised products.

It should make an appeal to the readers by clearly stating the outstanding features of the products.

By putting sound arguments, the confidence of the prospects can be won and their belief on a product can be confirmed.

Advertisements of Bajaj Scooter, Samsung Products, etc. are some of the good examples having convincing value.

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5. Use Sentimental Facts

People are also guided by emotions and feelings.

Persons have individual likings, disliking and choice towards particular products.

Although it is true that an advertising copy can not appeal to all the readers, but the copy should be sentiments of the maximum number of people.

how to write ad copy
how to write effective ad copy

There are certain common sentiments like, patriotism, better quality, low price, aesthetic values, artistic presentation, etc. which can be used by advertising copy to attract the readers on the basis of emotional values.

6. Educative Value

To create demand, the customers must be educated about new products and new uses of existing products.

An advertising copy can educate readers about many things to learn such as the handling of the product, its proper operation, safety instructions, things to avoid and what to do for better use of the product.

The copy can also help to bring changes in taste and to create good habits by educating them.

Sometimes, advertisements copy also gives a lot of information about the firm and its achievements.

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7. Instinct Appeal Value

A man has some instincts behind his every thought and action. Instincts are the hidden forces which compete or induce consumers to act in the market.

The advertising copy can induce, persuade and motivate the prospects by making an appeal to various human instincts.

These instincts belong to self-preservation, food, clothing, love, hoarding, curiosity, hunting, self-display, and paternal attitude.

The advertising copy of the advertisements can be designed to stimulate these instincts.

For example, the insurance advertisement copy may appeal to the self-protection instinct of a man.

Similarly, advertisement copy may be drafted for beauty and aesthetic appeal, for luxury and convenience appeal display sense of people.

Some advertising copies can be designed to arouse children’s requirements. These can appeal to parental instincts.

Thus, now you know how to write ad copy for your company products and services.


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